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Global RESP Corporation (GRESP) is a recognized leader and provider of Registered Education Savings Plans in Canada. Established in 1998, we have become one of the fastest-growing companies in the Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) industry.

At Global RESP Corporation , we are one of the few companies able to administer all provincial and federal grants available to ensure clients are taking advantage of and maximizing all grants. We are committed to helping families like yours to make most of their RESPs. With our niche in the RESP industry, we have experience, the support and resources available to support you every step of the way and offer all our clients a positive experience in saving for your child’s education.

Our Sales Representatives provide exemplary customer service and speak a multitude of languages to serve. Children are our future, and we’re just a phone call away.

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Rising Cost of Post-Secondary Education

In the current day and age, a post-secondary education is a requirement to enter and have success in Canadian and international job markets. Canadians have maintained their position as the world’s most educated population with 51% of people having attained a post-secondary institution.i

For a child born in 2013 the full cost of a post-secondary education could rise to more than $125,415. Some reports indicate that the cost of education could be increasing at three times the rate of inflation!iii


Global RESP Graph

Global RESP – Education is an expensive investment. Are you prepared for it?

ii The above costs are based on Global’s review of the CanLearn website data – and assumes an increase of 2% per year in estimating future costs.